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Colour WheelAs web designers we have the creative talent to appeal to your sense of style, the training and knowledge of current web standards and practices, and the ability to turn your ideas into reality!

With our combined experience in graphic design, website development, internet marketing and IT consultancy, you can be confident that whatever your project demands, we will deliver

LK-Design provides professional web design and Web development services to help make your company's online presence stand out from the crowd. We can design or re-design your current website, create a unique and memorable corporate identity and work with you on all of your graphic design needs

Sample of LK WAP Site
Sample of LK WAP Site Sample of LK WAP Site
Sample of LK WAP Site

It is often overlooked that there is a large user population out there who still use old versions of browsers and new emerging technologies such as interactive TV, and mobile access from PDA’s and WAP devices (mobile phones). When it is right for the client we can design for any and all of these platforms

When it comes to emerging technologies such as WAP we are ahead of the market. We have had WAP devices since they were first available in Europe and have upgraded them to keep up with the advances in technology. When a client needs a WAP version of their site we will be ready and able to deliver it

There are also a number of additional services we can offer that would not be immediately expected of a web design company. We are able to provide computer consultancy and Project Management skills. We also provide professional quality training in subjects ranging from "The Internet" to Microsoft Office. We can also provide custom programming, database design and implementation and systems integration with any of your back office systems

We want you, the customer, involved in the design & look of the site at every stage. To enable this we make copies of the site available online to you as the site is being built


Web Site Hosting

Web ServersWe are a reseller for one of the largest hosting companies in the UK and our web servers are housed in state of the art data centres

By providing not just the web design but also the hosting environment we can ensure that we provide a complete solution to our clients

With our programming background we are able to integrate any of the solutions we develop into other customer software such as accounting, stock control, and ecommerce such as a shopping cart or other back end server solutions etc

We use a data center that has its own state of the art monitoring for security, fire, flood, power outage etc with multiple telecoms suppliers

To ensure resilience we also run our own in-house server monitoring system to alert us the moment a problem is detected. We want to be the first to know of any potential problem